If your order was unsatisfactory, you may request a refund by submitting a claim within two business days after the delivery date. Please submit your claim using the Customer Service link in Your Account, including your contact info. In case of quality issues, after submitting the claim, our customer service agents will request that you send a digital picture of the delivered product.

If we haven’t started your order yet, you can cancel it and we will refund the amount. If we cancel it as per your request, you will receive an automatic cancellation email. Best way to verify if we started your order, is to call us. If we already designed and arranged your order as per your selection, it is not possible to cancel and have a refund.

Please note that roses and cut flower bouquets need to be placed in fresh water. Roses and cut flower bouquets should not be positioned in direct sunlight. Water regularly. Arrangements that arrive in special “floral foam” also require regular watering to preserve freshness and ensure longevity. Fresh arrangements should last +7 days if properly cared for. Roses have a vase life upwards of 7 days, even after reaching full bloom. Planter baskets will last for several weeks, if watered regularly. Please note that some seasonal flowers (i.e. iris, tulips, daffodils) may only last 3-5 days. This is a characteristic of the flower, and we only guarantee these flowers for this amount of time.